Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Running just as fast I can..."

Okay, not as fast I could, but the shoutout to Tiffany is necessary because that song was the first one playing on my MP3 player when I started this morning.   And it's one of my lifelong favorites.

I woke up late, for the fourth time this week. And raced to the gym for a quick run. I hate running and I don't know how to do it. BUT, I LOVE the idea of it. I want so badly to call myself a runner.  So, the only way to make this a reality, is to give it a good shot!

My goal was to run for 10 minutes, walk for one, run for ten.  Instead, I ran for 26!  My pace is my biggest weakness.  My little legs are incapable of running ten minute miles, I don't know how people do it.  BUT, I decided for now to focus on time and distance, and not speed (hoping that when I'm really a runner, the speed will increase).  SO, I was thrilled with those 26 minutes and got two miles in during that time!  I traded off between feeling like I was going to die to feeling like I could keep going for longer.  I probably would have gone for longer if I didn't have to rush to get ready for a meeting.

I was so behind, I only had time to grab two pieces of Ezekial bread and an orange.  I had to drive 80 miles to make it to this meeting.  I've been dreading it but so far it isn't too bad.  I enjoyed my bread, avoided the unhealthy unvegan bagel, and saved my orange for a little bit later.

I also have a beautiful view to enjoy when this meeting gets boring.

I had to go out for lunch with some colleagues, and I was worried about what my choices would be.  But, I went with a garden salad with raspberry vinnagrette (on the side!) and had them add avocado and black beans. 

It was DELISH!

The meeting is almost over and I will stop at the discount mall on the way home.  Maybe I'll find a cute new top for my evening out on Friday! 

...Until later!
Oh, this is one of my new favorite blogs! I eventually want to be a triathlete (after I become a runner, it will be my next step) so I am going to stay up-to-date on her posts. She's in the midst of a giveaway, so check it out so you can win!!!


  1. Great job, Jess! 26 minutes is amazing when you're first starting out! You'll be a runner in no time!

  2. You can absolutely be a triathlete! You would probably be able to pull of a sprint tri right now. My husband, lost 200 lbs, and at the begining of his journey, vowed to run a triathlon. I thought he was crazy, the man weighed almost 400 lbs! Sure enough, 10 months later he finished his first tri, and lost another 120 lbs since. I am doing C25K, and am loving it. Your 26 mimute run, is totally the inspiration I needed to run my 25 min run this weekend!